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On September 15th we will release our third album, an album that is slightly different from the previous two. Where Dog Days On Deck and The Drovers Inn mostly were about having fun and getting the most out of life together with friends. This one’s about a grieving process, about what happens after you lose someone you deeply care about.

On the first of May 2018, I (Sascha) lost my beautiful mother after years of her fight against cancer.


My mom was diagnosed about when I was 16 years old. From that day on periods of heavy chemotherapy followed, alternating with recovery periods. A time followed when there was a lot of hope to end up in a hopeless situation again.

Luckily there was one something that held out... She stayed positive until the end. My mother continued to fight for me, my father, sister and everyone she cared about. That's who she was and how I want to remember her forever.


When the news came that she was in her last days, everything around me slowly collapsed because I kept denying that we were going to end up in this situation. It felt like it was happening without rhyme or reason. What made it very difficult to start my grieving process

 The years that followed were just tough. Although my friends tried, I just couldn't talk about it. I tried to process it on myself and several times, that took me to places I didn't want to be, with thoughts I never thought I could have.

I couldn't find a way to shake things off...

Until me and my Captain Kaiser friends started writing our third album. They gave me the chance to write things down. It turned out that the topics I couldn't talk about were easier to incorporate into new songs.

It wasn't easy to process what I was feeling in these lyrics but thanks to the members of Captain Kaiser I managed and finally found some kind of way to grieve.

On this new album, each song describes a phase in my grieving process, not only the sad moments but also the positive ones. Moments where you can still celebrate life, even though it has just kicked you in the guts.















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